Working Papers

  1. Information Carrier Technology and Endogenous Growth (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:, Under review: American Economic Review.
  2. Platform Dynamics and Economic Development (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:
  3. Solow to Becker-Lucas (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:
  4. Language and Segregation: Evidence from Housing Markets in the United States (with Tiantian Dai, Shenyi Jiang, and Tao Jin) see SSRN:, Revise & Resubmit: Applied Economics.
  5. Data Deepening and Nonbalanced Economic Growth (with Baitao Zhang) see SSRN:
  6. Economic Analysis of the Public Health Reform in the Post-pandemic Era [in Chinese] (with Danxia Xie, Weiyi Zhao and Peilin Liu)
  7. 产权、房价与金融创新(Property Rights, Housing Price and Financial Innovation [in Chinese]) (with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 赵魏一[Weiyi Zhao], and 张庆全[Qingquan Zhang]),审稿中[Under Review]
  8. 双边市场排他性协议研究——基于非对称平台的反垄断经济学分析(An Exploration of Exclusive Contracts on Two-sided Markets: Antitrust Analysis for Asymmetric Platforms [in Chinese]) (with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 李尧[Yao Li], and 熊鸿儒[Hongru Xiong]),外审中[Under Review]
  9. 平台动态与经济发展——剖析中国的“数字化乡村发展模式”(Platform Dynamics and Economic Development: Analyzing the “Digital Villages Development Pattern” of China [in Chinese])(with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie])
  10. 公共卫生体系改革的经济学分析——实现预防和治疗最优资源配置的机制与政策设计(Economic Analysis of the Public Health Reform: The Mechanism and Policy Design for the Optimal Resource Allocation between Prevention and Treatment [in Chinese])(with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 赵魏一[Weiyi Zhao], and 刘培林[Peilin Liu]), 审稿中[Under Review]
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