1. Language and Segregation: Evidence from Housing Markets in the United States (Corresponding author, with Tiantian Dai, Shenyi Jiang, and Tao Jin), see, Applied Economics, July 19, 2022.
  2. 公共卫生体系改革的经济学分析——实现预防和治疗最优资源配置的机制与政策设计(Economic Analysis of the Public Health Reform: The Mechanism and Policy Design for the Optimal Resource Allocation between Prevention and Treatment [in Chinese])(with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 赵魏一[Weiyi Zhao], and 刘培林[Peilin Liu]), 《经济学报(China Journal of Economics)》, 录用待刊(Accepted),本人为通讯作者(Corresponding author).
  3. Data Deepening and Nonbalanced Economic Growth (with Richard B. Freeman and Baitao Zhang) see SSRN:, Journal of Macroeconomics.

Working Papers

  • Information Carrier Technology and Growth (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:, Under Review: Economic Journal.
  • Platform Dynamics and Economic Development (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:, Target Journal: Review of Economic Studies.
  • 平台动态与经济发展——“数字乡村”发展的一个理论框架(Platform Dynamics and Economic Development: Analyzing the “Digital Villages Development Pattern” of China [in Chinese])(with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie])
  • 双边市场排他性协议研究——基于非对称平台的反垄断经济学分析(An Exploration of Exclusive Contracts on Two-sided Markets: Antitrust Analysis for Asymmetric Platforms [in Chinese]) (with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 李尧[Yao Li], and 熊鸿儒[Hongru Xiong])
  • Endogenous Information Carrier Technology (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:
  • Solow to Becker-Lucas (with Danxia Xie) see SSRN:
  • 产权、房价与金融创新(Property Rights, Housing Price and Financial Innovation [in Chinese]) (with 谢丹夏[Danxia Xie], 赵魏一[Weiyi Zhao], and 张庆全[Qingquan Zhang])
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